Team Managers


This page contains the resources and downloads to help with the team manager duties.

Team Manager Duties

Roster for Scoring

Scoring – make up a roster for a different parent to score each week. There are 14 rounds plus two finals, so you need to rotate through the parents. Exemptions are considered for decent reasons…. Such as parent coaches another team, etc. A good way to run the roster is alphabetically.

MVP voting (U12’s & up) – again, make up a roster for a different parent to do the MVP voting each week. Please ensure voting doesn’t fall on the same week they should be scoring.

The count slip is optional, many parents like to put marks against a player who does something well (score, takes a charge, block, dribble down the court), then counts the marks to allocate the 3,2,1 points on the voting slip.  (Please enter the name and number of the players on the count slip to help new parents to the team.)

Point of contact

Be the point of contact for parents to tell you if their kids can’t make training or the game. Different things affect different people in their personal lives, so don’t trouble yourself if parents don’t respond to requests on who’s showing up for games or training… coaches can always deal with it on the day.

Deal with any concerns or troubles of the parents. Let them know if there are any issues, they come to you, and then you can discuss it later with the coach. The coach needs to focus on the game and training. Alternatively, direct them to talk to the coach after the game.

Each week you will receive an email from the club with the game details on it. You need to look at this list and notify all the parents of the game time and place. If you are playing another Rockets team, your team will be red on the list, which means your team will be in red singlets. Many mangers use WhatsApp or similar type chat rooms.

Team Notifications

Game Day


On game day, prior to the game starting, you must check the computer for the team players. The referees will help you with this. You check that all your players are at the game, remove any you know are not showing up, and check that the number on their shirt matches the computer. If a child is late and you are unsure, they are showing up, you must remove them from the computer for the game. If they do show up, ask the referee to add them to the game.

As mentioned above, you need to create a roster. You will then hand the voting slip to the nominated parent each week at the game in an unsealed envelope, and preferably a pen. The parent will enter the votes during the game; 3 votes for most valuable player, 2 votes for second, 1 vote for third. They will also put the players number and name on the slip next to the votes, or at least the number or name. At the end of the game, the parent puts the slip in the envelope, seals it and returns it to you. You collect all of them for the season and at the end of the season, give all 14 envelopes to the coach. Under 8’s and under 10’s does not do MVP, as they get Participation rewards at the end of the season. Byes obviously do count MVPs either.


Scoring Instructions


Scoring Instructions

Electronic Scoreboard – This video is a rough guide as our local rules are a little different.  For example;

U8 = 2 x 15 minute halves. All other age groups have 2 x 20 minute halves.

Please pay particular attention to the red text in the local rules document.